Poetics of Space

Poetics of Space. An practice-based artistic research project, focused on ecological art, light design and cultural history in suburban public spaces. Funding: FORMAS research foundation, placed at the Swedish Center of Architecture and Design 2011-13.

The project aims at transforming a small park i norhern Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, into a thriving and socially safe space. We present a practical exampe of sustainable development. Public urban spaces may be used as a new kind of social arenas for recreation and social interaction, making people aware of ecology and cultural heritage in the area.

Welcome to read the book for free here:  platsens-poetik bok

Instead of functioning as a decorations, art and light design are here involved in the very design process in an interdisciplinary and sensitive way. Sustainable development is not just about reducing pollution, it is also a matter of creating stable social environments. It is also about raising awareness about ecology by relating to places, landscapes and common responsibiliy, thereby building up entirely new forms of homeliness instead of the old ones mainy based on heritage, ownership and colonization.

Emma Göransson, Ph D, artist MFA (project manager)
Roland Ljungberg, Ph D, artist MFA
Ljusdesigner Anders Winell, Light designer
Gösta Wessel, professor, Fine Art                                                                                                                                                                                           Leif Bolter, sculptor, preces Royal Academy of Fine Arts 
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