Aerpie – Center for Contemporary Sami Art, Stockholm.

In 2023, we initiate this node for Sami contemporary art in the center of Stockholm. Aerpie means heritage in South Sami. The name links to Sami cultural traditions, which always have strong roots back in the family lines and to Mother Earth, even when focused on the present, the future and the renewal of artistic expression. The artistic Sami heritage can be found in the rock carving tradition, in duodji/traditional handicraft, storytelling, dance and music, the imaginary worlds of the ceremonial drum and Sami mythology.

The center will focus on displaying art and promoting identity-strengthening activities, functioning as a culture bearer for urban Sami people. Aerpie will be a meeting place in contemporary society, dedicated to art, environmental issues and indigenous Human Rights.

We are located at Slipvillan Art Center at Långholmen, a small green island in the Centre of Stockholm.