Seaweed Creature




I found Seaweed Creature on the sea shore on a small island in the Baltic sea. The sea had spun it for me,  throwing it again and again against the shore in a storm. It spoke to me and I brought it with me home.

Exhibited at the Artist run exhibition space Slipvillan Art Center, Stockholm in november 2023.

To be exhibited at Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2024 in april 2024.

Continuing the Rana project







My Rana is not tightly woven, as our foremothers´were. On the contrary, it is sparse and almost transparent here and there. At the bottom, stone warp weights are placed with references to the Viking Age weights found in large numbers at a number of settlements throughout the Nordic region. The peice Rana is the prelude to a long-term artistic research project with the same name, initiated by me, where I investigate Sami textile tradition in innovative ways.

Rana – a new project








Rana is my new weaving project for the exhibition Spinning Time for Österlens Museum, Skåne, South Sweden, this summer. Hand spun warp, weft of hand felted wool from Gotland. Rana is inspired by traditional Norwegian Sea Sami textiles. Spinning Time is a collaborative project conducted by Fiber Art Sweden, initiated by Gunnel Pettersson, funded by the Swedish Arts Council.



Sun through ice

Today I saw the sun breaking through the ice on my windows. Minus 5 degrees, no wind. The large pile of wool lies there on the table, waiting to be transformed into a weaving for Österlens museum this summer.











Today the weather in Gotland is cold and windy. I am working with my upcoming weaving Earth, in green and blue tones. Greatful for being alive in the middle of it all.